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Thursday, January 08, 2004
A Time To Dream

It feels wonderful to meet someone that you totally fall head over heels for. Their words are written in a special way that touches your heart. These letters from him gives me hope that there is something better out there for me. I just only hope that the opportunity exsists.....

Posted at 03:30 pm by tgarrido
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How has my life been going lately?

It seems like I'd be happy in the relationship I'm in but I really am not. I am not really a sentimental person but sometimes I feel like breaking down and crying. I am so tired of this shit hole I live in and hate that I don't have much of anything nice to come home to. I try to better myself with education but it doesn't help when I come home to a person I don't love anymore making me feel like I'm in their way. My mind feels like it's ready to explosed and I don't have anyone to run too. The only shelter I seek is with my son krylan that keeps this smile on my face every second of my life that passes. I feel like joining the military so I could get out of here. But what haunts me is not being able to see my son for that long . I really don't know what to do . I ask god why this is happening sometimes and he replies to my heart and mind, that it's a test in life..that's all..... God shelter me with comfort......This is what's going on in my life as of today. God bless me and keep me sane...

Posted at 03:26 pm by tgarrido
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Tuesday, January 06, 2004
Chopped off my hair...ha!

Oh my god I chopped off my long hair. It was down to my booty now it's above my shoulders..lol... But I don't regret it. I totally love it... I look so beautiful ..lol
Here's the pic: http://www.geocities.com/daddys_guam_girl/Tabu/tabby.jpg

Posted at 01:52 pm by tgarrido
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